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Certifications & Features:

Get your FREE 5 step growth plan

We'll review your business marketing strategy,
find the roadblocks preventing you from growing
and develop a clear 5 step action plan for you.

You'll walk away clear, focused and confident.


Here's What We'll Cover With Your Growth Planning Session

1. Marketing Strategy Analysis 

We'll look at what your current marketing strategy is, and identify missing gaps that need to be filled.

2. Custom Customer Journey

After we understand your situation we'll layout your custom customer journey and give it to you to print out and keep at your desk.

3. Your 5 Step Growth Plan

Once we identify the gaps in your marketing systems we'll lay out a clear action plan for you. This plan is unique to your business and growth goals so you can be 100% confident in your next steps.

375% increase in leads which resulted in $1.5MM in new revenue

Automated Marketing Myths

This is why you should schedule a FREE growth planning session

  • Myth #1: Automated marketing isn't just for big businesses with big budgets. A.I. tools and marketing platforms have reduced the barrier of entry to only a few hundred dollars a month.
  • ​Myth #2: I'll have to spend thousands of hours on social media. For less than a starbucks coffee you can automatically engage with people on your platforms, without having to be glued to your phone 24/7
  • Myth #3: Only experts can setup marketing systems. We are marketing experts, you know your business & customers the best. Autogrowth Academy will simply show you how your business in front of high intent customers with minimal effort.
  • Myth #4: Marketing Automation means I don't have to do work again. Most entrepreneurs think once you've setup your marketing system you never have to touch it again. That's wrong. We just want to automate what can and should be automated, in order to free up your time and develop a fool proof method for growing qualified leads. 
  • ​Myth #5: You don't have the time to set it up. Do yourself a favour, look at your phone usage report. If you see "netflix" or "disney plus" on it - then I gaurantee you can setup our automated system in <4hrs per week.
  • Myth #6: It's too expensive. If you think high-intent marketing is too expensive, just wait until you spend 5 years and thousands of hours posting 50x / day on social media just to be in the same place you are today. 
  • Myth #7: More customers = more work. We believe that entrepreneurs should be focused tuning the dials ON your business. Not working IN your business. Part of our process is to help you refine your offer to be scalable without adding more work to your plate.
  • Myth #8: You don't have a product / service to sell. The Autogrowth Academy helps you build your business model to be irresistible to customers, even if you're not completely sure what to sell yet.

Do good, growing big. We donate 1% of our revenue back to The OceanCleanup® to help leave our world better than we found it.

The Current Status Quo Doesn't Work For Us

Does this sound like you?

  • Most of your time is spent working IN your business, not ON your business
  • You tell yourself that you're only a few customers away from "hitting it big"
  • ​​You want to grow your revenue, but don't get new customers daily
  • ​You're willing to forgo vanity metrics like "followers" and instead focus on KPI's that affect your business' bottom line 
  • ​You're working harder than ever, but are have less free time, and less $$$
  • You want to grow your business but need to be profitable from day 1

WARNING: Before you book your free growth session please know that this is only for lifestyle entrepreneurs that have a business and are willing to put in the upfront work neccessary to implement the changes laid out.

You'll get an action plan that will change your business but in order to see results with marketing automation you do need to be committed to the process. If you're not ready to put in any work please don't waste our time.

If you are 100% dedicated to working on your lifestyle business now, that will have you achieve the freedom you've always wanted as an entrepreneur then book your FREE growth session now.

Meet The Founder Of Autogrowth Academy

Hi I'm Mark Taylor the founder and entrepreneur behind Autogrowth Academy, MYMT Inc. and Money With Mark (my personal brand). I built the Autogrowth system to free myself from my own pitfalls as a business owner. Now I'm releasing this to other entrepreneurs to free up your time and power to build bigger and better businesses that improve the world and not at the cost of your life.

  • 8 Figure Entrepreneur
  • Built 50 Academy members to 7 figures+
  • Proven system developed by Mark at MIT

I used to be overworked & burnt out


When I got fired from my job I thought entrepreneurship was my ticket to freedom. 

...3 years later I was working 80hrs / week and earning less than I was making at the job I got fired from.

I got physically ill during my first "summer vacation" in 3 years because I was burnt out.

My business was working for my clients, but it wasn't working for me... even worse - it was creating tensions with my fiancé.

After being sick for the entire 2 week vacation I knew something needed to change or my life was about to fall apart. 

That's when I spent 9 months transforming my marketing company, into an automated marketing company. That not only grew my business from $250k / year to 7 figures+

But it also allowed me to buy my freedom and work <10 hours a week and only work ON my business. Never IN my business.

The average academy member generates $15,000 of new revenue in the first 6 months

⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️ this is not intended for e-commerce or shopify brands

What Else You'll Get In Our Growth Session:


Marketing Gap Analysis

  • ​Know what's missing from your marketing strategy
  • Identify your next steps to take
  • Measure with KPI's that move the needle

($199 Value)


Bonus #2

Custom Customer Journey Map

  • Don't lift a finger! Visualize exactly how your marketing systems aid your customers down each step of your funnel to bring your business a consistent stream of qualified leads day after day.

($997 Value)

Bonus #3


High converting sales page secrets

  • ​No more guess work! You'll get our secret PDF with links to the 5 best sales pages. These pages include all the elements that make our high conversion rate landing pages

($97 Value)

Total Value Of: $1,893

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